We Accelerate
& Give Momentum To Crypto
& Blockchain Startups

46% Minted
Mint HedgeDAO

We will be the first DAO on Cardano to harness The Power of NFTs to digitize ownership

Benefits Of Being A HedgeDAO NFT holder

HedgeDAO NFT holders are given exclusive Membership to our DAO group by just the virture of their NFT posession. Holders of The NFT can create a Member Profile on Our DAOROOM, our decentralised version of the Boardroom where they can create and vote on proposals that would affect the DAO

HedgeDAO NFT holders serve as decision makers to help build our Vision


  • Hedgespur Re-Branding To HedgeDAO
  • HedgeDAO Proof Of Concept Set-Up Initial Private Pre-Sale
  • DAOROOM Telegram Setup
  • Public Sale
  • HedgeDAO NFT Reveal
  • Verification On JPG.Store
  • DAO Launch
  • Kick-start HedgeDAO Vault With The First Proposal
  • HedgeDAO Gallery Opening